Видео курса

  • Урок 1. 00:00:55
    Setup React Native Video for iOS and Android
  • Урок 2. 00:02:05
    Use Local Files or Remote Video Files with React Native Video
  • Урок 3. 00:03:25
    Show An Error Message When A Video Fails to Load in React Native
  • Урок 4. 00:05:34
    Show an Animated Buffering Icon When Remote Videos are Loading in React Native
  • Урок 5. 00:02:52
    Create a Looping Background Video with React Native Video
  • Урок 6. 00:07:38
    Create a Video that Auto Plays when Scrolled into View in React Native
  • Урок 7. 00:09:29
    Create Custom Controls for React Native Video
  • Урок 8. 00:07:49
    Create Controls that Hide/Show When Video Is Interacted With in React Native